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Watch Baywatch Season 9 Episode 22 Putlocker at Putlocker Now Pro, Watch Baywatch Season 9 Episode 22 Netflix Tv, Baywatch Season 9 Episode 22 putlocker, Baywatch Season 9 Episode 22 watch32. Alex asks Mitch if he wants to escort her to her best friend Sam's wedding. Sam later calls her from New York and tells her that Diane will arrive the next day, but he can't make it until Friday. He asks Alex if she can take care of Diane until he gets there and she agrees to do it. When Diane arrives, she meets Mitch and falls in love with him. In order to get Diane to stay away from Mitch, Alex tells her that she and Mitch is a couple. She also invites herself and Diane over to Mitch's place for dinner. Mitch doesn't like the idea but he and Alex play along to fool Diane. Suddenly Newmie arrives and wonders if Mitch has forgotten their date with the Zimmerman twins. Then Mitch leaves with Newmie and Alex is left alone with Diane. The next day, Sam arrives and tells Alex that Diane has called off the wedding. Meanwhile, Diane tells Mitch that she will give her wedding another try and she and Sam are reunited again. After the wedding, Mitch wonders if Alex just acted while they kissed, Baywatch Season 9 Episode 22 putlocker

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Director:Parker Stevenson
Cast: David Hasselhoff,Jeremy Jackson,David Chokachi,Michael Bergin,Brooke Burns,Mitzi Kapture,Kelly Packard,

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